Master of Science in Cyber Security

USD_Calif. Consumer Privacy Act Interview with USD Cybersecurity Expert
Press Release

University of San Diego Cybersecurity Expert Shares Insight into New Privacy Law in ‘Good Morning San Diego’ TV Interview

Master’s Degree Program Coordinator Discusses Impact of California Consumer Privacy Act

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Jan. 21, 2020) — Widespread concern about how companies are collecting and using people’s personal data has triggered game-changing initiatives to provide a check against the practice of selling your data for profit without your knowledge.

USD_Cyber_Salesforce Security Engineer Touts His Master’s Degree Training
Master of Science in Cyber Security

From USD to Salesforce: Meet Paul Cho, Security Engineer

What if you could graduate from a cybersecurity master’s degree program and walk straight into a dream job at one of the world’s top tech companies?
With such high demand for trained cybersecurity professionals, this scenario is more realistic than ever.

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