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Ricardo Medina
Master of Education

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ricardo Medina

Professor of Practice, Department of Learning and Teaching

Years teaching, where taught?
In my two decades as an educator, I have had the opportunity to teach at all levels of education including Vista Square Elementary, Mueller Charter School, Chula Vista Learning Community Charter High School, and San Diego State University.

Master of Education

Culturally Responsive Leadership – Part 2 of 3

Why do our school sites need Culturally Responsive Leadership and how can it be implemented or practiced?

This is the second part of a three part series exploring Culturally Responsive School Leadership (CRSL): Why do our school sites need CRSL and how can it be implemented or practiced. Please note that CRSL is not just for administrators.

Master of Education

10 Traits of Successful School Leaders

Educational leaders play a pivotal role in affecting the climate, attitude and reputation of their schools. They are the cornerstone on which learning communities function and grow.

Teaching Digital Literacy
Master of Education

Teaching Digital Literacy in the Classroom

For today’s students, a curriculum that includes cursive writing and penmanship has all but disappeared. Gone are the days of long, hand-written papers or pen pals who write and send letters, gasp, via the US Postal Service.