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Community Assessment: Crime and Criminal Justice (LEPS 550)

Course Description

A depth-oriented understanding of crime data, crime trends, and the crime problem is essential for law enforcement leaders. This course analyzes the four major sources of crime data in the United States, along with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, fundamental analytical procedures will be introduced to evaluate crime trends– comparatively, geographically, and over time. The course will utilize real-world case studies and real-world crime data, to best understand the reality of crime in modern America.


3 units


This course centers on a multi-stage report on a particular crime problem in your community or your jurisdiction. You will gather and present a variety of types of data on this issue and package it in a report designed to hand to a superior within your organization

This course will nurture skills related to intelligence-led policing and the critical understanding of the data analysis procedures that drive intelligence-led policing

Examples of Past Student Projects:

  • Vehicle Trespasses: Crime Data & Intelligence-Led Policing Strategies
  • Aggravated Assaults in San Diego 2014-2015: An Intelligence-Led Response
  • Marine Corps Law Enforcement Intelligence Led Policing
  • Intelligence-Led Policing: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the XX Police Department’s Strategic Response to Auto Theft
  • “Focus On Four”: An ILP-Centric Approach for XX County’s Auto Theft Problem