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Public Policy Innovation – LEPS 570
(formerly titled Community Assessment: Organizations)

Course Description

How do agencies carry out reliable public policy research? Which resources do they invest in and why? Are the programs in place working? How can any given law enforcement leader be an effective, critical consumer of research, evidence, and best practices? This course looks at how to make good policy decisions, how to involve key stakeholders, and how to create and communicate policy. Nurturing practical research skills for law enforcement leaders, students will complete a project in which they are placed in groups to collectively write an MOU for a gang or human trafficking multiagency task force. Working each week to contribute to the document, they produce a real MOU by the end of the course; something typically high ranking individuals and/or those in specialized assignments have the opportunity to do.


3 units

Course Highlights:

  • This course is an academic/practitioner hybrid taught by experienced industry professionals who provide a variety of perspectives. 
  • Students get a well-rounded look at these complex issues via formal presentations from faculty, on-camera video interviews, and other multimedia.

Student Comments

“Chief Chaplin, made me feel as if I was in the front row and provided rich dialog with quality feedback to all my assignments. I have a feeling he made every student in this course feel the same way, as observed from his discussion replies and questions”
-Spring 2020 Student

Examples of Past Student Projects:

  • The Mexican Mafia: Our Most Dangerous Threat to Public Safety
  • White Supremacy Ideology Skinhead Gang Task Force: A proposal for a tri-state task force to operate within the states of California, Oregon and Washington
  • The Rollin 60s: A Gang Task Force Proposal