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Community Assessment: Organizations (LEPS 570)

Course Description

Effective, accurate, and ethical assessment of issues in society and within organizations is essential for law enforcement leaders to develop and implement policy. This course introduces the various methods to conduct scientific research in society and to evaluate organizations, with an emphasis on action-oriented research. The respective advantages and disadvantages of each methodology will be discussed, along with the ethical considerations embedded in the research process.


3 units


This course centers on a multi agency task force report. This report requires that you learn and apply social-science research skills, crime data research skills and your experience in the profession in a comprehensive and professional report that you would give to a superior in your organization.

You will learn to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of different research approaches and how to apply the right research to your report.

Examples of Past Student Projects:

  • The Mexican Mafia: Our Most Dangerous Threat to Public Safety
  • White Supremacy Ideology Skinhead Gang Task Force: A proposal for a tri-state task force to operate within the states of California, Oregon and Washington
  • The Rollin 60s: A Gang Task Force Proposal