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Integrative Capstone* (LEPS 599)

Course Description

The capstone course is the final course in this online program sequence. The course allows students to demonstrate achieved learning outcomes by producing a portfolio of hallmark projects, term papers, presentations, and skill-based exercises in a culminating course. The portfolio system will require students to identify and critically reflect on the major themes and learning outcomes of the entire program via a series of exemplary work from individual courses. The portfolio will be an asset for career advancement, while simultaneously serving as a tangible microcosm of the rigorous, interdisciplinary  program as a whole.


1 units


This project is a resume on steroids; you will package your professional work in a user-friendly electronic portfolio that you can use for career advancement.

Create a tangible representation of the skills you learned and nurtured throughout your time in the Law Enforcement Leadership MS Program

*Note: all electronic portfolios have password protection and other security options to keep information secure

Student Reviews:

“I imagine this capstone project could serve as a resume for future endeavors.”
-Spring ’19 Student
“Building a website that I can show prospective employers or command staff for promotion was a great idea to wrap up this program.”
– Spring ’17 Student