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Organizational Leadership (LEPS 540)

Course Description

Leadership is defined and evaluated in many ways. The concept is so complex, variable, and ambiguous that many well intentioned people often speak past each other when attempting to discuss it. Through this course, students will examine leadership through various theoretical lenses and frameworks. Each approach highlights attitudes and dispositions that have varying degrees of utility depending on the context of a given situation. By looking at various approaches to leadership, students will develop a more sophisticated understanding of the phenomenon, and thereby, increase their own abilities to influence others for the common good.


3 units


  • This course has a heavy self assessment component; you will examine your own leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. Then practice working on your self-identified leadership weaknesses on the job with coaching from a faculty member
  • Learn about generational differences in leadership and management. How is managing millennials, generation X and previous generations of law enforcement different.  How might you adapt your leadership approach accordingly?

Student Comments:

“Overall, the course allowed me to understand others and myself better than ever before in terms of leadership”
-Spring 2018 Student

“Without exaggeration, each week there were take-aways that I can use currently and in the future. I enjoyed sharing what I learned with my colleagues and subordinates.”
-Spring 2018 Student

“The material is applicable daily as a law enforcement leader”
-Spring 2018 Student