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Organizational Theory and Change (LEPS 560)

Course Description

This course provides a multiple perspectives approach to theories of organizations and change. Leadership requires individuals to discern and balance competing demands and tensions inherent in organizations. This course uses Gareth Morgan’s metaphors as lenses to think about difference aspects of organizational life. Students will apply various theories to case studies in order to develop insights for organizational change.


3 units

In This Course, You Will:

  • Evaluate case studies of different leadership styles in law enforcement, the business world and the military
  • Learn different ways to conceptualize an organization and then assess what types of leadership styles and approaches are the best fit for that type of organization

Student Comments

Success can almost breed the wrong attitude or perspective in many people. I think that is why this course has been impactful for me. Using metaphors to evaluate the organization or even ourself can assist us in making the right decision. It can also help us to be objective even when we are looking at ourself in the mirror.

– Summer 2018 Student