Eric Colson, MS

Advisor of Data Science/Machine Learning

Academic Degrees

MS, Management Science & Engineering- Stanford University
MS, Information Systems- Golden Gate University
BA, Economics, San Francisco State University


Eric Colson is a veteran leader in Data Science and Machine Learning. He was the founding Chief Algorithms Officer at the data science-driven e-commerce company, Stitch Fix. Prior to Stitch Fix, Eric was the Vice President of Data Science and Engineering at Netflix. He is now an advisor and investor to companies in the data science tools & infrastructure space. He also conducts research on how to best organize teams for innovation.

Areas of Interest in Data Science and AI

Organization structures, processes and roles for companies with Data Science and AI departments | Experimentation | Decision Science | Recommender Systems | Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF).

Why USD?

The MS in Applied Data Science and the MS in Applied Artificial Intelligence programs at USD contain the right word: “applied”. The emphasis on real-world, practical solutions, coupled with a student body of working professions, is so important to advancing these nascent domains. We need to learn-as-we-go and the best way to do this is by implementing solutions in production environments, getting results, learning and iterating.

Inspiring Quote

”In God we trust. All others must bring data.” — W. Edwards Deming


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