With over two decades of experience as a cyber security expert, and almost ten years of experience as an educator, Dr. Moore’s work supports both national and international defensive cyber strategies. Within the field of technology, she specializes in governance policies, disaster recovery protocols, physical security defenses, and academic matters relating to the protection of critical infrastructure that supports the interests of the nation’s defensive posture in cyberspace. As an educator, Dr. Moore has a broad range of instructional experience on the subjects of business, management, and cyber security at both the undergraduate and graduate levels with various universities.

Professor Moore is a current instructor in the program. She is also a researcher, cyber security policy analyst, and an author in the areas of cyber security doctrine and globally dispersed enterprise governance. Throughout her career Dr. Moore has supported multiple organizations as a government contractor and as a civilian government employee. These include Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Booz Allen Hamilton, the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer, and MCI WorldCom. She currently supports the United States Marine Corps Headquarters Office, where she leads the Contingency Planning and Physical Security efforts for cyberspace. She also sits on the National Security Agency (NSA) TEMPEST Advisory Group as the primary representative for the Marine Corps.

Dr. Moore holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy Administration with a concentration in Homeland Security, a Master’s degree in the Management of Information Systems, and an Undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Her research topics are dedicated to the ongoing progression of cyber security, cyber law, cybercrime, national & international cyber policy, and disaster recovery efforts.