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The University of San Diego’s Master of Science in Engineering, Sustainability and Health (MESH) degree is designed to help you take a critical approach, dialogue, and action that includes variables like the effect they will have on the environment, on health, and livelihoods of local communities as well as global implications.

  • Solutions are not achieved in a vacuum,
    The built environment (e.g., transport, energy systems, water, and sanitation) affects the health of populations.
    How do we protect indigenous land and local flora and fauna?
    What is the impact of mining on local communities?
  • The world’s problems do not stop at disciplinary boundaries.
    Disease, poverty, inequity and social injustice, humanitarian crises, and climate change are just a few of the interlinked global crises that challenge us to take a more holistic view of the health of our planet and our future. 

With MESH, we intend to shatter those disciplinary boundaries and provide today’s problem solvers with a purposeful and critical practice that transcends disciplines and incorporates complex system approaches to sustainability and health.

Leading-edge, timely Online Program

There is no other program like MESH! 

The University of San Diego’s online MESH directors and professors developed the program together with professionals across multiple disciplines who are deeply committed to the co-creation of technological developments for the future, which are socially and ecologically just, healthy and sustainable.

In turn, we invite you to build upon your experience and background, learn to see through the lens of other disciplines to implement new and emerging sustainable technologies in four key areas: food, water, energy, and waste; all while designing just transitions that are cost-effective and achievable for local communities.

Program Snapshot

Application Deadline
August 2

Program Length
20 Months

Total Credits


Career Options

The global need to achieve more sustainable human and economic development has brought significant opportunities to environmental engineering and related fields in sustainability. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that two of the top three fastest growing occupations from 2019 to 2020 were green jobs. In fact, seven out of the ten fastest-growing occupations concerned areas related to sustainability or health.

MESH provides graduates with the foundational skills needed to excel in the transformation of corporate, non-profit (NPO) and non-governmental organizations (NGO) committed to a balance between engineering, sustainability and health. The program also provides mid-career professionals with the capabilities to move within their organization into areas concerning energy, water, humanitarian aid, corporate social responsibility and international development.

More so! We encourage you to start your own organization, one that challenges conventions and makes an impact.

Be Better Equipped To Tackle Our Planet’s Challenges Of Today & Be Part Of Making A Healthier Future For All!

Program Structure

  • 20-month program
  • Earn your degree without leaving home
  • Access your classroom any time, day or night
  • Courses are offered year-round
  • Focus on one 7-week class at a time
  • Convenience and flexibility

Why Choose University of San Diego?

Committed to creating a just world

You’ll be part of a culture that embraces environmentally and socially responsible practices and processes through student action, faculty research, curricula, and daily operations – resulting in lasting change for both society and the planet.

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Academic excellence

The master’s degree you’ll earn as an online graduate student has the same prestige, clout and academic rigor as any earned by campus-based graduate students.

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Flexible online classes

No time to attend class full-time? Not a problem. Our flexible schedules are ideal for working professionals and accessible to students from around the world.

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Top-ranked university and engineering school

The MS-ESH degree program is offered through USD’s Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering – ranked #13 among the nation’s non-doctoral-granting engineering schools by U.S. News & World Report.