M.S. in Health Care Informatics On-Campus Program

42 Units

University of San Diego’s campus-based MS in Health Care Informatics program integrates health care technology, clinical analytics, leadership, and business knowledge and skills in preparing you for leadership in health care informatics in a variety of positions within health care organizations.

On-campus MS-HCI Program Overview

  • 42-unit program
  • Full-time students take 3 classes per week and graduate in 2 years; part-time students take 2 classes per week and graduate in 3 years
  • Classes are scheduled in the evenings, plus an occasional late afternoon seminar
  • New students can start two times per year:
    • Fall term starts in September
    • Spring term starts in January
  • Students choose one of three specialized learning tracks: Health Informatics, Health Care Analytics/Data Science, or Health Care Leadership

The on-campus Health Care Informatics program utilizes a practicum model with placements in community agencies working with health care informatics professionals. In this practicum, students develop the skills necessary to enter the field of health care informatics upon graduation. This is a required component for the Health Care Informatics track, and an elective option for the Health Care Analytics or Health Care Informatics Leadership tracks.

Courses in the On Campus MS-HCI Curriculum

Specialization Courses: Health Care Analytics/Data Science Track

Course Units
Health Care Analytics (HCIN 547) 3
Health Care Informatics Seminar (HCIN 548) 2-4 (depends on Track)
Data Structures and Terminologies (HCIN 605) 2
Advanced Health Care Analytics (HCIN 615) 3
Machine Learning Applications for Health Care (HCIN 620) 3
Population Health Analytics (HCIN 600) 3
The Health Care Informatics Seminar is worth 4 units for students in the Health Analytics track.

Specialization Courses: Health Care Leadership Track

Course Units
Health Care Informatics Seminar (HCIN 548) 2-4 (depends on Track)
Financial Management in Health Systems (HCIN 557/Formerly ENLC 553) 3
Strategic Planning and Management of Health Systems (HCIN 558/Formerly ENLC 557) 3
Advanced Leadership and Systems Management (HCIN 610)

Taken by students enrolled in the Health Care Leadership Track during their final term.

Digital Health Care Marketing (HCIN 625)

Taken by students in the Health Care Leadership Track during their final term.

Health Care Law and Risk Management (HCIN 630) 3
The Health Care Informatics Seminar is worth 3 units for students in the Health Care Leadership track.

Medical Terminology Course

In addition to the courses listed above, students who do not have health care experience and basic knowledge of medical terminology will be required to enroll in the online Medical Terminology course before their first day of class. The online Medical Terminology course must be completed before the end of their first semester.

Tuition & Fees

Cost per unit: $1,580

Click here for a current list of student fees in addition to the cost per unit.

Upon acceptance, students in the on-campus MS-HCI program will need to confirm their acceptance with a $500 deposit. This amount will be applied to the first term tuition.

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Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate advanced clinical expertise based on nursing and related disciplines.
  2. Provide leadership in integrating research into practice.
  3. Utilize research-based evidence as a foundation for practice.
  4. Apply information technology to enhance nursing education, practice, and research.

A Career in Health Care Informatics: The Outlook and Options

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