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Meet Master’s in Law Enforcement Leadership Student: Kenneth Ehrman

Kenneth Ehrmann

How have you applied the lessons you learned in USD’s Online Masters in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership degree in your work?

I feel the course material covered so far has helped me to develop the ability to research contemporary issues in law enforcement and recommend policies or programs to address the problem. I look forward to the upcoming courses and further interaction with my peer group and professors.

What new skills have you learned from the degree?

I’m currently completing my first course in the program, but what I have learned so far is to thoroughly examine the information we have covered and develop an opinion based on my own experiences. To me, the most interesting and enjoyable component of the course has been the ability to review the work of my peers and interact with questions and comments. I find I’ve learned a great deal about the subject matter from our professor and all of my peers who are experts in their own right.

Why did you choose the University of San Diego’s Online Masters in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership versus other degrees?

I chose to apply at the University of San Diego for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s reputation as a premier catholic university. I have always wanted to attend USD since the first time I saw the beautiful campus.   I’ve known many people who have attended over the years and they have all described it as a truly rewarding experience. Secondly, I wanted the chance to be a part of the new program in Law Enforcement Leadership. I saw this opportunity as ideal for where I am in my career and my life and I simply could not pass it up. Upon hearing about the program, I contacted the school that same day and started the application process.

How has the degrees focus on ethical leadership and management changed the ways you work with your colleagues?

I believe the education I am currently receiving has changed the way I look at situations at work. I find myself looking at issues from the perspective of my administration, and when possible, I try to evaluate how to best go about resolving them. This is a whole new perspective for me.

Where is your current position in law enforcement?

I am an investigator for the California Department of Motor Vehicles Investigations Division assigned to the Mission Hills Investigations District. I have worked at DMV since June 7, 1999. In addition, I serve as Vice-President of the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association.

What motivated you to start a career in law enforcement?

When I was in 5th grade I started playing football in the Police Athletic League (PAL) and several of the coaches were deputy Sheriffs. As I got to know them I really admired them and what they did as a career. As I grew older, I always knew I wanted to do something in public service so I could help people. When I got to high school I took an elective called you and the law and I was hooked at that point. After graduation, I enrolled in college and started taking some criminal justice classes and eventually chose it as my major at Sacramento State.

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