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Your Future as a Technology Entrepreneur

You see the future. You’re fascinated with how technology growth and increased “connectivity” will continue to shape our world — and create business opportunities. Your career is poised for growth, but you’re savvy enough to know that focused, high-level training may be needed to help you turn your vision of the future into reality. If only there was a program for that…

State-of-the-Art Online Program [Innovation & Entrepreneurship]

Welcome to the University of San Diego’s Master of Science in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MITE) program — a one-of-a-kind professional growth experience built to help you gain the skills, perspectives and insights you need to achieve what lies ahead. Think of it as the master’s degree experience that past generations of tech innovators and CEOs wish they had under their belt.

Who Is This Degree For?

The MITE program is geared to be incredibly valuable for: startup entrepreneurs | tech achievers advancing into leadership roles | business professionals intent on learning how to navigate the technology innovation landscape | newly minted and seasoned C-Suite executives across many industries | innovators interested in “changing how the world works.”

Program Snapshot

Application Deadline
December 1, 2023

Program Length
20 Months

Total Credits

100% Online

Why Choose University of San Diego?

Academic excellence, top-ranked university

Aside from attending a prestigious university with a long history and a great reputation, you’ll enjoy a practical, immediately relevant curriculum geared toward advancing your career.

Bleeding edge curriculum for rising tech executives

The MITE program features curriculum that positions graduates in connectivity enterprises to successfully tackle day-to-day and strategic challenges with an entrepreneurial, innovation-minded approach.

High-caliber faculty; experienced entrepreneurs

Our world-class faculty includes startup entrepreneurs, tech CEOs, patent holders, tech advisors, investment experts and award-winning Ph.D. academics. Each professor is engaged in helping you transform your career and achieve your most important goals.