Put Your Faith to Work, No Matter Your Profession

Seven Applications Faith In the Workplace [With a Master of Theological Studies]

Faith is often a compartmentalized part of our lives, since bringing it into a secular workplace can be divisive. But no matter your faith, it’s important to have an understanding of faith principles and values so you can be the best leader, coworker, or service provider you can be.

In this resource, we cover seven professional situations in which having a strong faith foundation rooted in compassion can make your work life that much more rewarding. Learn how a degree in theological studies can help you:

  • Treat the whole person in a healthcare setting
  • Encourage positive discussion as a classroom teacher
  • Meet clients heart-to-heart in the counseling session
  • Find meaning in conflict on the battlefield
  • And much more
Franciscan School of Theology at the University of San Diego

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