Why Cyber Security Engineers Are in Such High Demand

What’s in the eBook?

Technology has undoubtedly had a dramatic impact on the modern world. Today we are more reliant on it than ever. As technology becomes more and more critical to the functioning of our society, concerns over security are increasing, and for good reason. The current approach to security is flawed –  relying on patches to fix vulnerabilities in networks, software and systems.

As cyber crime intensifies in both scale and sophistication, the way that systems are built needs to be re-examined. Namely, security needs to be baked in from the start, during the development, creation and lifecycle of systems.

This 17 page eBook will examine:

  • The future of cyber security
    Learn about the future of system development and cyber security.
  • Current issues in cyber engineering
    Hear how and why systems are built today and why that needs to change.
  • How to adapt for future success
    Read how companies and engineers alike can capitalize on this impending shift and position themselves for the future.

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