Your Cybersecurity Master’s Degree — How to Craft a Winning Application

A master’s degree can help you gain a deeper understanding of cybersecurity concepts, topics and theories

Earning a master’s degree in cybersecurity is a proven way to sharpen your technical and leadership skills, and stand out in the highly competitive job market as you launch or advance your cybersecurity career. But first, you have to navigate the master’s degree application process.

In our comprehensive checklist, you’ll find tips and advice on how to improve the chances of your cybersecurity degree application being accepted. Here are just a few of the important tips you’ll find:

  • Thoroughly review each institution’s degree overview page to ensure that the program aligns with your educational and career goals
  • Customize your resume and emphasize all cybersecurity-related information over less relevant career details
  • Highlight your hard and soft skills (and if you aren’t sure which ones to include, we’ll guide you!)

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