Applied Data Science Self-Assessment Test

Identify your level of preparedness for the Applied Data Science program

Students lacking technical experience must take the following assessment, and all prospective students are encouraged to take it as well in preparation for the program. If you decide not to take the test, you may still be asked by the academic director to complete it for full consideration of your application package. You will be able to get a good sense of your basic technical background and time management by completing this test. You should aim to answer all of the questions with limited effort in 1-4 hours. If you do not meet the technical admission requirements for the Master of Science in Applied Data Science program, please:

  1. Speak with an Enrollment Advisor
  2. Take the following assessment (be sure to track the time) and then check your answers using the Answer Key. There is also a question in the test that requires you to work with a data set. Please click the links below to download each of the files.
  3. Then, complete the form on this page so that we know you’ve taken the next step in your application journey.
  4. Your Enrollment Advisor will review your credentials in conjunction with the program’s Academic Director.
  5. If they believe you have the potential to be successful in the program, the resources below will help you better prepare you for admission into the master’s program.

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