eBook: Everything You Need to Know About a Career in Cyber Security

Including the Best Jobs in the Field and How to Land Them

As cyber attacks continue to increase in volume and tenacity with ever-changing tactics, the government and the private sector are raising the alarm. In response, there has been a sharp uptick in the need for cyber security professionals across almost every sector.

If you are interested in fighting cyber crime and beginning a career in this exciting and in demand field, this is a must-read eBook. It covers the most frequently asked questions prospective cyber security professionals ask, including:

  1. What does the job market look like and how is it projected to change?
  2. What are the average salaries in the cyber security field?
  3. What are the best jobs in the field?
  4. Where are there best jobs located?
  5. What do hiring managers look for in applicants?
  6. How can education help initiate or advance a career in the field?