Principles of Brain-Informed Teaching


5 Principles Most Educators Don’t Know About Brain-Informed Teaching

Find Out How Educators Are Using Neuroscience to Boost Student Learning, Retention & Focus

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Brain-informed learning is gaining traction in classrooms across the country. Grounded in neuroscience research, this educational method recognizes the complex relationship between how the brain functions and how children learn. 

By incorporating brain-informed teaching practices into their curriculum, educators have the opportunity to create more positive, supportive classroom environments that foster emotional well-being and enable students to reach their full potential.  

In this special presentation, Dr. Bobbi Hansen, Associate Professor at the University of San Diego, explores neuroscience principles that have the power to transform how educators think and teach. Topics covered include:

  • The effects of stress on memory
  • How educators can make learning sticky
  • Impactful, brain-informed practices to incorporate into your teaching strategy
  • And more

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