Planning Your Future: A Career in Data Science

Brought to you by the University of San Diego

Global demand, high pay for data science skills

It’s no secret that data science is an immensely popular field of study that offers a wealth of career opportunities. Data scientists are driving innovation across nearly all industries, on a mission to uncover valuable insights hidden in the vast amounts of data produced every day.

Careers in data science offer:  

  • High salaries, often well into six figures
  • Opportunities from top employers that are investing in data science
  • The ability to add incredible value to the companies and organizations you serve
  • Positions within nearly every industry, including health care, financial services, cybersecurity, marketing, and more

Watch our free, on-demand webinar for helpful information on:

  • Salary information and top employers
  • The types of projects data scientists are working on
  • Tips on how to position yourself for a successful career in data science
  • How earning a master’s degree from the University of San Diego can help you achieve your career goals

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