9 Reasons Instructional Designers Are In High Demand [+Salary Data]

Explore Your Future in This Exciting, High-Paying, In-Demand Field

The field of professional education and training is undergoing dramatic change. From higher education to corporations, government agencies, nonprofits and more, instructional design (also referred to as learning design) is in play practically everywhere today.

That’s because organizations of all types — health care, financial services, retail and eCommerce, manufacturing, security, etc. — are moving toward conducting more of their employee training and education needs online or remotely.

This is driving strong demand for those who possess the sought-after skills to create effective, professionally designed educational and training materials. Salaries of $80,000 and above are common today, especially for those who have earned a master’s degree.

To learn more, we encourage you to check out this free eBook created by University of San Diego instructional design educators to share helpful information with:

  • Career-minded professionals who are interested in this exciting, fast-growing field
  • Anyone whose current job includes preparing instructional materials
  • Working instructional designers looking to advance their career

Key sections of the eBook include:

  • How the high demand for learning designers is fueling high pay
  • A look at some cool storytelling technology tools used in the field
  • The opportunity to do meaningful work that connects to your passion for learning
  • Helpful info for career changers who are interested in learning design

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9 Reasons Instructional Designers Are In High Demand [+Salary Data]

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