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Top MBA Interview Questions

Download this prep sheet for tips and advice on answering the most commonly asked questions during MBA — or other graduate school — interviews.

Download your MBA Interview Prep Sheet

Graduate school programs are looking to admit those who can communicate effectively, work well with others, are dedicated to finding success and can demonstrate a willingness to learn from their mistakes. This is especially true for MBA programs, which want to ensure that their students are adaptable, confident and prepared for anything.

How you showcase those qualities during your interview will largely depend on your approach to answering the questions — as well as the questions that YOU choose to ask in the interview.

Master the interview process by downloading and reviewing our MBA Interview preparation sheet, which features:

  • The top eight most commonly asked interview questions
  • Tips and advice on how to prepare your answers
  • The top five questions you should ask during interviews

Be prepared — download your prep sheet today.

Master the Interview Process

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