Why Every Aspiring Startup Entrepreneur & Tech Exec Needs to Know About Connectivity

Innovating in a World of Connectivity

Advances in electronic communication have enabled an unprecedented level of connection between people, between machines, and even hybrid person-to-machine communication. Understanding what’s possible within this environment of “connectivity” is the first step for those entrepreneurs and innovators looking to make their mark with the “next big thing.”

No matter your background, if you’re looking to succeed within the tech industry, you need to know how business practice and engineering collaborate within this world of connectivity. The University of San Diego’s MITE program has put together this free eBook to detail:

  • What Tech Achievers & Innovators Need to Know About Connectivity
  • What Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Connectivity
  • Top Career Opportunities at the Intersection of Technology & Business
  • What Connectivity can Mean for Your Future Career


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