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By submitting this form, I provide permission to FST & USD to continually register me each semester until I graduate. Upon registration, tuition charges will be applied to my online student account viewable on the MyFST portal.

Online Master of Theological Studies – Franciscan Theology Commitment

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Registration Policies and Procedure

Students will be manually enrolled for each semester (including Spring, Summer, and Fall terms) by your Program Coordinator. Once registered for a semester, students will receive an email confirmation of the registration. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Program Coordinator if they do not wish to be enrolled in a semester. In that case, a Leave of Absence or an additional form would be required. For drop, withdrawal, and refund policy and deadlines, view the academic calendars found on your Student Success Center.


Reach out to your USD Student Success Team.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of this Enrollment Commitment?

Submitting your Enrollment Commitment is your way to confirm that you are ready to register for your program. Instead of asking you to register for your preset academic schedule, USD will register you in your courses for you!

Do I have to sign an Enrollment Commitment every semester?

No! You only need to submit your Enrollment Commitment as you enter your program. For the entirety of your program, USD will register you in your academic schedule. Please be sure to notify your Program Coordinator or Enrollment Advisor if you are not able to register for a given term. Please see your Student Handbook for details about the drop and refund deadlines.

When will I be registered for my program?

In order to be registered, new students need to submit the Enrollment Commitment and claim your USDOne account/email. For returning USD students, please note your student account must be paid and cleared prior to registration.

Registration occurs according to the academic calendars on your Student Success Center.

  • For Spring terms, registration commences in November.
  • For Summer terms, registration commences in March.
  • For Fall terms, registration commences in July.

How will I know when I’m registered?

Once registered in a term, you will be sent an email to your email address confirming your course schedule. The email also includes related term details about FAFSA, VA benefit certification, academic calendars, textbook information, and more.

Feel free to reach out to your Program Coordinator if you cannot locate the email.