Deferral Request Form

Use this form if you cannot start your USD graduate program in the term for which you applied.

Important Instructions:

Admission to the University of San Diego is offered for a specific program and a specific semester of entry. Deferrals are only granted with the approval of the admitting program. You must submit this form in order to request a deferral to a later semester. If your program requires an enrollment deposit, it is required to submit the enrollment deposit before a deferral can be processed.

You may not defer for more than one year from the original semester of admission. You may defer for: a maximum of three times OR a maximum of three semesters out from your original semester of entry–whichever brings you to the one year from the original semester of admission maximum deferral allowance. If you do not enroll within one year of your acceptance term, you will be required to apply for readmission.

Your deferral form must indicate the exact term in which you plan to enroll. If your plans change in the future and you wish to change your enrollment term from what you indicate on this deferral form, you must fill out a new form. If you fail to do so, you may be required to apply for readmission. The deferral form with the most recent timestamp will be honored as the current deferral.

Once you have submitted this form, your deferral request will be processed with Graduate Admissions. Your Program Coordinator or Enrollment Advisor will contact you when it is time to register, based on the information you provide below about when you would like to return to the program.

Please Note: Should your expected return date change, you must contact your enrollment advisor or program coordinator notifying them of such.