Cyber Security for Real World Applications

The field of cybersecurity is booming and the demand for highly trained individuals in cyber-related fields is far outpacing supply. Whether you are looking to kick-start your cybersecurity career, or to take it to the next level, come and learn from and with the best at the University of San Diego. Our high-quality programs are designed specifically to fit into the demanding lives of those looking to become cybersecurity leaders and advance their careers. Get started now and learn more about our unique programs.

Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering
(On Campus or Online)

This program is offered on the beautiful USD campus in San Diego. It emphasizes ethics, applied and theoretical technical knowledge and skills, cross-domain learning and a mission-centric focus. These are critical skills for cyber practitioners (public or private) who desire to protect the prosperity and safety of the community and nation.

Master of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership (Online)

This program is offered 100% online. It is designed for students who currently work in cyber security or those who wish to pursue a career in the field, as they strive to effect positive change in mitigating cyber security threats and go on to become leaders in their organizations.