An Educator’s Guide to Teaching Styles & Learning Styles

How Understanding Both Can Help You Help Your Students

Students have different learning styles. Educators have different teaching styles. This insightful, 7-page resource explores how teachers can develop a deeper understanding of both in order to become more effective educators in the classroom.

Here is the syllabus for our key discussion points:

  • Individual Student Learning Styles
  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • Teacher-Centered vs. Student-Centered
  • Teaching Styles: 5 Approaches to Education
  • Lifelong Education for Teachers: Impact of an M.Ed.
  • Follow-up Quiz

The guide explores different educator methodologies in order to enhance our shared understanding of the teaching experience — with an eye toward using your skills and instincts to discover the most effective ways to engage individual students and entire classrooms.

We hope you find it helpful. Part of the mission of our online Master of Education degree program is to serve as a resource and thought leader in the education community.

Please send us a note if we can answer any questions about how our M.Ed. program might align with your career goals or your lifelong educational journey.   

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