Headshot of Tracy A. Elmer, MS, CHCIO, CDH-E, RHIA

Tracy A. Elmer, MS, CHCIO, CDH-E, RHIA

Chief Innovation Officer, TrueCare

As Chief Innovation Officer for TrueCare, Tracy is powered by their mission and passionate about enhancing the patient and care team experience through innovation. The inspiring innovation team at TrueCare is comprised of clinical informatics, enterprise analytics, information technology (IT) and project management. Collectively they are relentlessly focused on creatively solving problems or creating opportunities that deliver greater value.

Tracy has over 20 years of healthcare leadership experience and prior to her current role, served as a Health Care Informatics leader at several San Diego-based health care systems including Rady Children’s and Sharp HealthCare. Tracy received her Master of Science in Health Care Informatics from University of San Diego and a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration from Loma Linda University, where she also has 4 years of Masters level adjunct teaching experience within the Health Informatics and Information Management department. Tracy enjoys spending her free time with family and friends, cooking, traveling, watching movies and loves to cheer on her son at his ice hockey games!

Do you have any particular areas of interest/specialization related to health care informatics?

Leadership, Epic Systems, EMR, Health Information Mgmt.

What motivated your interest in serving on the advisory board for the MS-HCI program? What are you hoping to contribute?

I love supporting my local community, and especially our students. I am a proud USD Alum of the same program and want to lend my experience and expertise to help shape the program and ultimately give back where I can so as to help our students be setup for success in their future.

What advice do you have for anyone interested in advancing their career in health care informatics?

Education makes a critical difference in supporting growth and expansion in the health care field as well as practice. It’s an incredible, diverse field where there is endless opportunity for learning and for making critical connections to support longevity in career.

In your view, what is unique and exciting about USD’s MS-HCI program? How is the advisory board helping to shape the future of the program to best meet the goals of both the students and their potential employers?

What is unique about the program is the diverse group of health care professionals teaching the courses while also actively working or practicing in the field. The advisory board offers diversity in roles, experience and expertise and represents all sectors of the health care industry. This provides immense benefit to students as far as assuring programs support their connection to professional roles in the future, and that programs represent the realty of today’s work place environment.


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