Graduate Learning Outcomes

What Can You Expect to Learn as a Graduate Student at USD?

The following graduate learning outcomes are shared across all Master’s level programs offered by University of San Diego.

  1. Knowledge:
    Students will be able to develop specialized field knowledge and integrate knowledge across content areas.
  2. Diverse Perspectives:
    Students will be able to evaluate diverse points of view embedded within varying frameworks which may include temporal, cultural, linguistic, sociopolitical or technological contexts.
  3. Critical Inquiry (Competency Skills):
    Students will be able to engage in critical inquiry through principle approaches or methods and through effective and ethical information search and evaluation strategies.
  4. Applied Learning:
    Students will be able to apply disciplinary or interdisciplinary learning across multiple contexts, integrating knowledge and practice.
  5. Communication:
    Students will be able to communicate effectively in presenting ideas orally and in writing (oral communication; written communication).
  6. Ethical Reasoning:
    Students will be able to reason ethically in evaluating various perspectives, policies and/or practices relevant to one’s field of study.

This set of graduate learning outcomes is aligned with area domains of specialized and integrated knowledge. Follow the links below to view the specific Program Learning Outcomes of each of our Master’s degree programs:


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