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The University of San Diego’s online master’s degree programs are built to offer lasting value. Designed for working professionals looking to advance their careers while balancing family life and budgets, each of our degree programs features competitive tuition rates and a high-quality, professional growth experience backed by personalized support from the USD team. With your degree awarded by a top-ranked university with a great reputation, your decision to earn your master’s degree at USD is a smart investment in your future.

Please note: Since our online graduate degrees offer 6 units per term, they are considered part time or 3/4 time programs.


PROGRAMUnitsPer Unit CostTotal Tuition
Master of Education30$710$21,300
MS in Applied Artificial Intelligence30$965$28,950
MS in Applied Data Science30$965$28,950
MS in Cyber Security Engineering (On-Campus)30$1,290$38,700
MS in Cyber Security Engineering (Online)30$1,290$38,700
MS in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership30$965$28,950
MS in Engineering Management and Leadership30$925$27,750
MS in Engineering, Sustainability and Health30$925$27,750
MS in Health Care Informatics (On-Campus)30$1,750$52,500
MS in Health Care Informatics (Online)30$925$27,750
MS in Humanitarian Action30$710$21,300
MS in Information Technology Leadership30$925$27,750
MS in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship33$925$30,525
MS in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership
(Costs shown reflect $50/unit law enforcement discount)
MS in Learning Design and Technology30$710$21,300
MS in Nonprofit Leadership and Management30$880$26,400
Master of Theological Studies — Franciscan Theology36$800$28,800

Tuition amounts shown on this website, or in other university publications or web pages, represent tuition and fees as currently approved. However, the University of San Diego reserves the right to increase or modify tuition and fees without prior notice and to make such modifications applicable to students enrolled at USD at that time as well as to incoming students. In addition, all tuition amounts and fees are subject to change at any time for correction of errors. 

Please note that the displayed tuition covers only the cost of courses, and additional expenses such as books and other fees are not included.

Move Your Career Forward with USD

At the University of San Diego, we have helped countless working professionals move forward in their careers by advancing their education. More than a master’s degree, our graduate programs are designed to deliver an invaluable professional growth experience that is closely attuned to the needs and goals of our students, as well as the needs of leading employers in their chosen fields. Which program is right for you?


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Student Testimonials

The support structure with the school itself, with the professors, was excellent. They were always available to answer questions and, more than that, their feedback on assignments was really invaluable.

I love that each course is very focused and that we only take one class at a time, for seven weeks, so that we can really concentrate on that one topic and gain a strong foundational knowledge. Also, the professors do an awesome job with helping us to navigate the online discussions and the general assignments are so applicable and useful.

I was nervous about an online graduate program when I first applied because of not being able to interact with others in a brick and mortar environment. Yet, between the tremendous support from my professors, the administration, and my peers, the entire program was beyond exceptional.

The program is outstanding, relevant, up to date, and introduces new concepts and material that I am using every day. The discussion boards are insightful and applicable and the students share tons of experience. I was suspicious about the competency and legitimacy of online learning. I am no longer suspicious; this program is legit!

This journey has been a phenomenal experience and one that I would highly recommend. The program has exceptional faculty and staff who ensure student success not only in the program but in their career. Thank you all for your support and work in our lives!

Throughout my 10 plus years in the military. I have learned that having pride in what you do, and commitment to the people you work with are what make great memories and a forever sense of family connection. Not only does the University of San Diego epitomize these values, but the academic team represents them in everything they do. During my time in the program, I experienced staff who placed their students first and apply real world practices for the best learning environment. The staff does whatever it takes to align their vision with the student’s visions and goals on a continuous basis.

I chose USD’s MS-HCI program because of the intimate online class settings, easy-to-use online format, and the wide variety of classes within the informatics field. I was pushed to grow during this program, but it remained manageable as I worked full time. During this program, I found it easy to connect with the professors and staff. Our professors seemed to take a “real-world” approach, meaning that most of the projects we worked on could be applied to future jobs or school programs. Every staff member was extremely helpful and accommodating over the past two years. I really appreciate that Dr. Mack was available at any time during this program. After this degree, I am inspired to pursue my PhD in Nursing utilizing an informatics perspective. I look forward to staying in touch with my classmates and professors.

The program has been excellent. I appreciate every professor, and everyone’s been so helpful. I can immediately apply the information I’m learning in class in my work environment. The program has boosted my confidence, so much so that I’ve started applying for instructional designer positions and I’ve had a few successful interviews. I can’t say enough good things about the program. It has truly been life-changing.


What is the tuition for the master’s degree programs?

Tuition for USD’s master’s degree programs is based on a per unit fee, which varies by program. The cost per unit is the same for international students or non-California residents, since we are a private institution. Please visit your program of interest to view specific tuition information.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, visit USD’s Financial Aid webpage for a list of deadlines, requirements and instructions for applying for financial aid.

What fees are required for the program?

Check with an Enrollment Advisor for the most current fees. The Application Fee is $45. Online degree students are not responsible for the following:

  • Student health insurance
  • Health service fee
  • Student Association fee
  • Student Life Pavilion fee

What support do you provide to help me complete my master’s degree program?

Here at USD, you’re never treated like a number. From undivided attention with faculty to one-on-one admission and program counseling, our goal is to personalize your entire experience, surround you with support and ensure your success. Read more about Student Support.

Are the University of San Diego’s online master’s degree programs considered full-time or part-time?

All of the University of San Diego’s online graduate degrees provide 6 units per term, making them part-time, or 3/4 time, programs.

If I am not able to secure financial aid, does USD offer other payment options?

The University of San Diego offers two payment options to assist students in meeting the costs of education. Payment in full and an interest-free Monthly Payment Plan ($50 processing fee/term). Learn more about setting up a monthly payment plan.

How do I defer my undergraduate student loans?

Contact the Office of Financial Aid at the One Stop Student Center for information concerning deferral options, or by referring to the Federal Student Loan Repayment FAQ.

Can I get a refund if I don’t start classes?

For students in the online graduate programs both courses must be dropped prior to the first day of the semester to receive a 100% refund, and within the first three days of the semester to receive a 95% refund. No refund will be provided after the third day of the semester.

Students requesting to withdraw after the third day of the semester must withdraw by week five of the course. Students will receive a grade of “W” and no refund will be provided.

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