Headshot of Markus Enenkel, PhD

Markus Enenkel, PhD

Visiting Scientist, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Markus is a climate risk finance specialist at the World Bank and the founder of a tech start-up named Perigee, which concentrates on predictive analytics for forgotten humanitarian crises. He works at the intersection of satellite data-driven risk financing and anticipatory action, aiming to strengthen risk ownership in collaboration with local stakeholders. Markus has worked with different UN organizations, humanitarian NGOs, the IFRC, space agencies, and the private sector to communicate, translate, and integrate big data into existing or novel decision-making workflows. Most recently, Markus has evaluated the climate change and disaster risk reduction (DRR) policies of the UN WFP and served as coordinating lead author of the Global Assessment Report on DRR (GAR). Markus has a background in natural resource management and geospatial analysis. His post-doc at Columbia University focused on convergence of evidence methods to strengthen the resilience of smallholder farmers towards weather and climate shocks around the world. From 2018-2023, Markus was a senior research fellow at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.