Headshot of Michelle Gonzalez

Michelle Gonzalez

Founder & Executive Director Paragon Institute of Innovation

Founder and Executive Director, Michelle Gonzalez is an emerging leader within the TV/FILM Industry and global network of Sustainable Champions. As someone who’s worked in the industry of imaginative problem solving, Gonzalez was compelled to pivot her own creative mind into tackling bigger problems that urgently need attention and inspired energy.

In 2020, Gonzalez founded Paragon Institute of Innovation in order to build and lead by example with regards to advocating for greater diversity and inclusion in the field of STEM, while facilitating access of greener innovations to improve renewable energy products, recycling systems, and reimagine a more eco-conscious way of manufacturing products with reused materials.

She fervently works to establish alliances with enterprises and partner NGOs near and far in order to implement educational opportunities for local communities by exposing them to emerging technologies in the Green Sector, inspiring awareness and participation from local beneficiaries, and establishing a job training infrastructure for the collection and conversion of waste materials into viable products for the economy. Gonzalez is on a mission to catapult sustainable practices to new heights and enable greater and greener solutions for both the people and the planet.