Alumni Highlight: Adan Escobedo

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Oh! Brave New World!

My name is Adan Escobedo. I have been teaching for five years and am a recent graduate of the University of San Diego’s Online Master’s program. I received my Master’s of Education in STEAM Education and, since then, my world as an educator has transformed for the better. The start of the 2018-2019 school year has placed me in a new, bigger, and better classroom. I have made strides in generating awareness in STEAM education to the incoming 7th-grade class: something that I focused on for my capstone. Currently, I am hosting Chinese foreign exchange students after my STEAM initiative was noticed by an international program. I could not have done this without the confidence and experience I gained through the SOLES Global Studies program.

No Risk No Rewards

At the start of my time as a student at USD, I only had a U.S. visa, so I had my reservations in applying to any grad school; however, the university’s mission statement embodied my own passions and SOLES had a program that met my needs as an educator, so I took a risk and applied. During my time, there were many changes in my personal life. Through these changes, USD, the professors, and the administrators were more than accommodating. I owe my success to them. As of now, I am a legal resident on a pathway to citizenship.

Equity in the Community

Much like is stated in the University’s Core Values, I am committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community in my classroom. Due to the growing demand of the future job market, it is important to create equitable curriculum in a STEAM classroom. USD gave me the tools and resources to make that happen. I love to hear that my classroom is one of the more popular among the student body. I love to hear that students who normally tend to struggle are meeting their educational goals and needs in my classroom. I love that to know that I am being supported by my community.

Global Perspective on a Local Scale

One of my biggest suggestions for current and tentative Online Master’s students is to become involved in one of the Global Studies courses, because they will change your global perspective. The lessons I learned from the Global Studies program have made an impact in the relationship I have with my community, particularly the parents of trans-border and immigrant students. While I chose the Mexicali study based on the needs of my classroom and community, I suggest students take a leap and take a course that interests them.

The Online Master’s Program at USD was a life-changing experience and I am glad that I took the plunge, it was the right choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Current educators: do not be afraid to implement your learning in the classroom while you are still in the program
  • New teachers: be daring and inspiring but also be flexible; the real world will eventually see your vision
  • I have seen an increase in participation in my STEAM program from those who originally were not being represented
  • Being more accommodating of your community can often be overwhelming, particularly when parents become involved, but it is entirely enriching and wholly rewarding

The Online Master’s Program caused me to pivot in my career pathway for the better, and I am now looking forward to more opportunities and change.

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