Course Overview

Participants will embark on a practicum in which they either develop a model and feasibility study or a significant change to their own or others’ practice and explore the impact of this change. This project will run throughout the entire program and relate to all courses. They will be supported throughout the process with critical thinking skills, as well as sustainable design tools and methodologies. For professionals, the practicum will be based on their own work context. For participants who are not engaged in practice, practicums will be arranged (online or face to face at a location accessible to participants). The practicum project might include, but is not limited to a feasibility study for the development of a new interdisciplinary health/engineering process within a large engineering or health-based organization; conducting a feasibility study and design of a locally appropriate interdisciplinary practice in a developing context; collaboration with an NGO/INGO to design training for engineers and healthcare and development professionals in local culture, health issues, and human rights; design projects that identify and incorporate appropriate solutions for collaboration between engineers and health and development professionals.



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