Data Science Attracting Career Changers

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Dr. Ebrahim K. Tarshizi appears on KUSI Good Morning San Diego

USD Master of Science in Applied Data Science Academic Director Ebrahim K. Tarshizi appeared on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego on Tuesday to share his perspectives on people considering changing careers during the pandemic and how data science offers an opportunity for many seeking a change in profession.

“Right now we are seeing the tech industry is still strong compared to many other industries, and that’s one of the main reasons we wanted to design and offer an online program in data science. In general, data science has applications in a wide variety of industries, it’s not only limited to tech industries. You can get a job in retail, e-commerce, utilities, automotive, military & government. (Data science) is one of the fastest-growing and highest-paying jobs in the United States with many opportunities.

“We cannot imagine the world without data and data scientists will be in demand for many years. Data is not going to go away, data scientists are not going to go away and they are going to contribute to a wide variety of enterprises and businesses.”

For people who are coming from different backgrounds and have no experience in data science, Dr. Tarshizi suggests this field is still a viable option.

“Our program is designed for working professionals and if they don’t have any background in programming and statistics, we provide two prerequisite courses to make sure that we can train a wide audience. If you are already good at solving problems, you enjoy coding and programming, you like statistics and probability, (consider a data science career).”

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