Antonio Jiménez Luque

Antonio Jiménez Luque, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Antonio Jiménez-Luque’s work, broadly speaking, explores how cultural, social and historical perspectives influence conceptualizations and practice of leadership understood as a relational process of mobilization, emancipation and social change. At the intersection of critical theory and intercultural studies, his research topics are (1) organizational culture and change; (2) leadership and framing for sense/meaning-making; and (3) critical interculturality and global social justice.

From 2004–2013, Dr. Jiménez-Luque was the Coordinator for the International Cooperation for Development at the University of Barcelona Solidarity Foundation. He designed and implemented projects on topics related to human development, peacebuilding, human rights and critical interculturality with local governments, universities, grassroots organizations, and social movements in Algeria, DR Congo, Vietnam, Colombia and Bolivia, among other countries.

In 2014, Dr. Jiménez-Luque moved to the United States where he worked at Gonzaga University for the Associate Vice-President for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion as Intercultural Research Associate, and taught a variety of classes including Leading Across Cultures, Democracy and Human Rights, and Latin American Politics.

Scholarly Work


2022 Jiménez-Luque, A. Leadership, diversity, and social justice: Culture as a system for resistance and emancipation. San Diego, Cognella.

2013 Bondia, D., & Jiménez-Luque, T. The Colombian Enigma. Barcelona, Editorial Huygens.

2008 Jiménez-Luque, T. Medio ambiente, cambio climático y conflictos internacionales: La cuestión del agua [Environment, climatic change and international conflicts: The matter of water]. Mallorca, Inrevés Edicions.

Edited Books

2009 Jiménez-Luque, T., & Kabunda, M. (Eds.). La République Démocratique du Congo: Les droits humains, les conflits et la construction / destruction de l’État [Democratic Republic of Congo: Human rights, conflicts, and the construction/destruction of the State]. Mallorca, Inrevés Editions.

Articles in Professional Journals (Peer-reviewed)

2021 Jiménez-Luque, A., & Burgess, M. Civic leadership, emotions, and social change: A decolonial ethnographic research of an American Indian nonprofit organization. Voluntary Sector Review, 13(1), 135-156.

2021 Jiménez-Luque, A. Reframing the past to legitimate the future: Building collective agency for social change through a process of decolonizing memory. Leadership, 17(5), 586–605.

2021 Jiménez-Luque, A. Decolonial leadership for cultural resistance and social change: Challenging the social order through the struggle of identity. Leadership, 17(2), 154-172.

2020 Jiménez-Luque, A. Exercising public leadership from below: An empirical research on a Native American health clinic. Journal of Leadership Studies. Spring Issue.

2018 Jiménez-Luque, T. Decolonizing leadership studies: Overcoming obstacles toward an intercultural dialogue between knowledges. Studies of Changing Societies Journal, Vol 1.

2017 Jiménez-Luque, T. Human Rights from its origins to the twenty-first century: A journey through empathy, love, the will to power, and the will to meaning. International Journal of Servant Leadership, Fall 2017. New York, NY: Suny Press.

Book Chapters

2022 Jiménez-Luque, A., & Penha-Vasconcelos, C. Addressing environmental challenges through intercultural dialogue. In Dhiman, S. K., Marques, J. F., Schmieder-Ramirez, J., & Malakyan, P. G. (Eds.), Handbook of global leadership and followership. Springer Nature.

2021 Jiménez-Luque, A. The need for an epistemological and cultural turn in leadership studies: From a Eurocentric and monocultural conceptualization towards a global and intercultural approach. In Mengel, T. (Ed.), Leadership for the future: Lessons from the past, current approaches, and future insights. Cambridge Scholars Publishers.

2021 Jiménez-Luque, A. Redefining leadership through ‘the commons’: Theory and praxis in the city of Barcelona. In Singh, D., Curran, K., & Thompson, R. J. (Eds.), Reimagining leadership on the commons: Shifting the paradigm for a more ethical, equitable, and just world. Emerald publishers.

2018 Jiménez-Luque, T. Global and intercultural leadership: Implementing a comprehensive and sustainable peace process in Colombia. In Campbell, A. (Ed.). Global leadership initiatives for conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.