Bobbi Hansen, PhD

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest

STEAM, Educational Psychology, Project-based learning, Evidence-based Instruction, Social-Emotional Learning, Creativity, Digital Learning

Why USD?

I consider myself, first a learner, then a teacher. When online learning first became available, I was tentative as I so thoroughly enjoyed the relationship-building of face-to-face instruction. However, I soon learned that the online format also has the capacity to build community. When one person shares their thoughts via the discussion post, others begin to see spaces of contact and will feel comfortable in sharing their own academic and personal learning reflections. And, in the end, everyone is enriched!

Advice for Future Students?

I have found that everyone finds a place of entry and acceptance into the learning community and thereby grows both as a teacher and as a learner.

Favorite quote?

The teacher as talent scout metaphor is appealing to me as we are honored with the opportunity to celebrate the unique talents of every single student under our care.


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