Headshot of Danny T. Barnes, DSc

Danny T. Barnes, DSc

Adjunct Professor

Danny T. Barnes is a professor of cyber security, data science, CIS and mathematics while serving as a cyber security/IT consultant for small businesses. He has over 26 years of experience teaching cyber security, CIS, mathematics, data science, physics and other courses from undergraduate to doctorate levels.

Former Navy Lieutenant Commander O-4, Barnes was born in Hahira, GA, and grew up in Lakeland, GA. He attended Berrien County High School in Nashville, GA and enlisted in the Navy as a Nuclear Machinist Mate in April 1982.

Once enlisted in the Navy, he was selected for the Broaden Opportunities for Officer Selection and Training (BOOST) Program. During this program, he earned a Naval ROTC scholarship to Hampton University majoring in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Nuclear Engineering. He received a commission in the Navy as an Ensign in May 1988.

In August 1988, Barnes was transferred to San Diego, CA, where he was stationed aboard several different vessels and deployed to various locations in the southern Pacific Ocean and the Persian Gulf for Desert Storm. After three years in California, he was transferred to Norfolk, VA where he was stationed aboard another vessel and deployed to the Mediterranean Sea, Somalia and back to the Persian Gulf. During that last tour, he applied to Hampton University for a graduate program in mathematics. In January of 1994, he began the graduate program in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Aero-dynamics. He was a graduate assistant, student instructor and research student in the CFD Branch of NASA Langley while working on his master’s degree.

Barnes completed the MS program in December 1995 and became a Navy Cryptologist. In June 1999, he was transferred to Naval Security Group Activity Fort Meade as a Cryptologic Mathematician and began teaching at UMUC and the Census Corporate University. In March 2001, he was medically discharged from the Navy and took a break from work until 9/11. In September 2001, Barnes began working in the defense industry. In 2007, he earned a Doctorate of Science (DSc) in Information Systems and Communications. He has taught and managed in various academic institutions, industries and the federal government sector.


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