Headshot of Elene Austin, MEd, PPSC

Elene Austin, MEd, PPSC

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest

Cultural diversity, inclusive education, creativity, online instruction, interdisciplinary studies.

Why USD?

Born and raised in South San Diego, I grew up knowing USD has always been a respected university that provides quality education. It’s an honor to teach for a program that addresses the growth of the whole student – professionally and personally. With this flexible online format, those who partake in this program get to learn from other educators all over the world.

Advice for Future Students?

Set up a schedule as soon as you get the course syllabus so that you can adequately give attention to the material, produce complete assignments and provide quality peer interaction while still being able to balance work, relationships, and “me” time.

Favorite quote?

“The most important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

Anything else about yourself?

I love being a lifelong learner and traveler.


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