Liz Ferguson, MS

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest

STEM Education at the middle school, high school and undergraduate levels, Marine Ecology (my research specialty) and Biology

Why USD?

As an undergraduate many years ago, I attended USD and at that time loved the academic rigor, personalized experience, and overall sense of inclusion that the university portrayed. Fast forward to my time teaching for the Online MEd program, I wanted the opportunity to be part of that experience that was so critically important to my growth. Additionally, I believe the program is one of a kind, and in terms of online content and methods, is unparalleled by other programs, and wanted to be part of that as an educator that puts a lot of effort into student learning.

Advice for Future Students?

We all have busy lives and multi-level commitments that can make the education process daunting. However, as humans we have a high capacity for productivity so you can get through the challenging periods of balancing work/school/life if you work hard and persevere through those challenging times!

Fun Fact About Yourself?

I split my professional time between teaching and marine ecological research. My research specialty is in marine mammal bioacoustics, and thus my favorite animal is a sperm whale as they spend the majority of their lives at a depth of about 1,000 meters, producing regular echolocation clicks for navigation and hunting purposes.


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