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Juanita Campbell-Rodriguez, MA

Adjunct Professor

Professor Campbell-Rodriguez is a native of California who earned my Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Diego. At National University, she earned a Master of Education with an emphasis in Cross-Cultural Teaching, a Master of Arts in English, and a Master of Arts in Teaching
with a concentration in Early Childhood Development. She has written two educational theses entitled, “Successful Implementations of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences” and “Implementing a Multicultural Education into the Classroom to Better Support the Academic Achievement of Students”. Currently, she is obtaining her Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership. Her philosophy of education encompasses the belief that all students can learn and realize their true potential. She has been an educator for the past 15 years working with grades ranging from pre-K-12 and college. She has been a classroom teacher, program chair, college professor, faculty mentor and trainer, and course designer. She decided to pursue a career in the field of education because of her love for learning and passion to help all students succeed. All students need to be equipped with the tools to become successful. Therefore, teachers need a repertoire of varied teaching/learning strategies to incorporate into their instructional program, which support students’ multimodalities and promote student achievement. She looks forward to an excellent course.

Course taught: EDUC 520


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