Mikael Graindorge, DBA

Adjunct Professor

Academic Degrees

Doctorate Business Administration, MBA, BA

Areas of Interest in Data Science

Mikael’s passion is to combine his craftsmanship with modern technology by developing new global solutions to drive sales conversion rates, advance the boundary of knowledge, and enable others to reach their full potential with data.


Mikael recently joined Dexcom as the Director Data Scientist, in charge of data platform, data strategy, and advanced analytics. Previously, Mikael worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific for 10 years where he most recently served as the Senior Manager of Commercial Operations, responsible for Master Data Management platform, advanced analytics and insights, machine learning and data science, and commercial operation automation. In addition to his time at Thermo Fisher, Mikael also spent an extensive amount of time building cloud based solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS) acting as Data Strategist Leader within his organization and built one of the most successful data science platforms that generated over $300 million in revenue.

He is also known for his cooking and carpentry skills, and is committed to lifelong learning. Mikael holds a master’s and a doctorate specializing in digital commerce growth by utilizing cognitive psychology stimulation.


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