Tess Nunn Eves, MEd

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest

Multicultural Education, Synthesizing Curricular and Co-Curricular Education to Support Student Persistence, and Racial Identity Development Among College Students

Why USD?

As a social justice educator, the idea of access and inclusion are of the utmost importance to me. The online MEd program does just that: it grants access to students from across the country and the globe to USD, and in so doing, creates a rich, diverse learning community. Your peers are an incredible source of knowledge – the more diverse the lived experiences of the students in the class, the more each of us will be challenged, grow, and learn. Having worked full-time while pursuing my graduate degree in the evenings, I know the challenge of balancing the demands of personal, professional, and academic. The flexibility afforded to the online MEd students offers professionals a “seat at the table” whenever you are able to join the conversation.

Advice for Future Students?

Having burned the candle at both ends being a full-time professional and part-time graduate student, I know that at times, it can be A LOT. But remind yourself (as I often had to do!): You get out of this experience what you put in. Re-frame things that may feel like “hoops” to be opportunities for empathy and learning. Re-frame your challenges to “adventures” in developing tenacity and grit. Just know – the grass is greener where you water it!

Fun fact about yourself?

I dream in black and white – which is odd because I spend my waking hours as an artisan indulging in super vivid colors!


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