Tyler Blondi, MEd

Field Training Officer (Retired), Beverly Hills Police Department

Tyler Blondi, MEd

Tyler Blondi retired from the Beverly Hills Police Department after a 12-year career that included roles such as Field Training Officer, operator on the SWAT team in the sniper cadre, background investigator/recruiter, bike officer, defensive tactics instructor, and polygraph examiner. He also spent many years as BHPD’s Team Captain for their Baker to Vegas race team and served two terms on the POA board as Vice President and Director. Tyler is currently working for Fusus, a software company specializing in law enforcement’s ability to integrate city, business and residential camera systems, making instant real-time intelligenceavailable to law enforcement personnel throughout the city.  His passions include his family, developing future leaders in LE, and coaching high school football.

Capt. Tim Gately, Redmond Police Department
MS-LEPSL Alumnus


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