The Top 100 AI Companies of 2024

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Tracking the increasing impact of artificial intelligence in our world can feel a bit like riding an exciting, fast-moving roller coaster with twists and turns that include new technologies, practices and ideas — and none of this would be possible without the innovative work being done by established enterprises and new startups. 

To help AI professionals and the AI-curious keep pace with some of the key players, we have compiled the Top 100 AI Companies of 2024. 

While you’re likely already familiar with the big names making strides in artificial intelligence — including Amazon, Google, Apple, Meta, Microsoft and IBM — we want to highlight some smaller companies and organizations that are also upping the AI game.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many artificial intelligence companies doing exceptional, important work every day. This list highlights those that we believe are making waves, tackling inventive projects or bringing revolutionary ideas to the forefront of the AI community.

Top AI 100 Companies of 2024

Please note: The following companies are listed in alphabetical order and are not ranked in any way.

  1. ​​Achievion Solutions 

Achievion Solutions’ three main services include AI product development, AI strategy consulting and AI enablement. The company’s five-point manifesto includes things like “anything is possible” and “become a reliable partner to the client.” Achievion Solutions was named one of the top U.S. mobile app developers by Clutch

  1. Affectiva

With a slogan of “humanizing technology to bridge the gap between humans and machines,” Affectiva creates software that understands human emotions and focuses on what they call “key verticals” — automotive, media, audience and customer analytics, social robotics and human behavioral research. The company was recently acquired by Smart Eye.

  1. Alibaba Cloud 

Alibaba Cloud provides a unified data platform that “brings reliability, performance, and consistent user experience to every stage of the data lifecycle.” The China-based company was also named a Niche Player in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms report. 

  1. AlphaSense 

With a mission to “organize the world’s business information and leverage technology to enable companies to make smarter, faster, and more confident decisions,” AlphaSense has been providing market intelligence platforms since 2011. The company also recently acquired Stream by Mosaic, an interview transcript library. 

  1. AndPlus

A Massachusetts-based firm that provides UI/UX design, strategic consulting and product development, AndPlus’ clients range from manufacturing and medical to finance and retail. The company also features key resources such as The Guide to Using Artificial Intelligence and a blog with articles like Designing and Building AI-Based Solutions and AI and Cognitive Technologies for the Insurance Industry. 

  1. Anduril Industries

Anduril Industries builds software and hardware with a mission of “transforming U.S. and allied military capabilities with advanced technology.” For example, the company’s Lattice Platform combines computer vision, machine learning and mesh networking into one software. 

  1. Anodot

Anodot employs AI and machine learning in solutions designed for autonomous business monitoring. The company was named one of the top ML Companies in 2021 by Analytics Insight. 


Based in Japan, Ascent offers industrial robotics solutions in addition to Ascent Pick, “an advanced software-based system used for automated object picking and kitting, which can be used in any type of manufacturing facility.” 

  1. Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere offers just that — automation — but specifically robotic process automation (RPA). They state a capability of delivery intelligence process automation three times faster and at one-fifth of the cost. In December 2021, the company announced an acquisition of FortressIQ. 

  1. Belitsoft

This software development company offers a variety of products and services, including consulting, API development, mobile app testing and much more. You’ll also find an abundance of resources and industry-specific information on their site, including a blog with information on how AI is applied in education.

  1. BigML

BigML strives to make machine learning accessible to everyone and also an experience that’s considered “enjoyable.” In addition to serving customers worldwide, BigML promotes machine learning through the company’s BigML for Education program, reaching more than 700 institutions of higher learning

  1. BIX Tecnologia 

As a company that defines itself as “a data business intelligence and data science consultancy,” BIX Technology has grown as a solutions and tools provider for customers all across Brazil. 

  1. Blue River Technology

Under parent company John Deere, Blue River Technology helps farmers by using technology to solve major agricultural challenges. Blue River’s core competencies include computer vision and machine learning, full stack software development, robotics and product management. The company’s See & Spray™ technology uses cameras to detect different colors in an agricultural field, only applying herbicide where it’s needed and using on average 77% less herbicide. 

  1. BotsCrew

This AI and chatbot development company offers everything from personalized analytics and website widgets to live chat functions and customizable solutions. The company also believes in community and social work; during COVID-19, BotsCrew created a medical chatbot to help people in Ukraine, where the team is from. 

  1. Brightseed 

Self-described as an “AI-driven data company on a mission to illuminate the biological connections between people and plants at the deepest level.” The company’s artificial intelligence platform, Forage, helps uncover healthy compounds in nature. Brightseed has worked with Danone, Ocean Spray and Pharmavite (the makers of Nature Made vitamins).  

  1. Checkr

Checkr has helped redesign the background check process by leveraging AI, machine learning and expert human knowledge. The company’s platform offers a variety of screenings for criminal records, drug and health, employment verification, civil searches and more. Customers include Netflix, Papa John’s and Instacart. 

  1. CHI Software

With more than 15 years of experience, CHI Software provides a wide range of AI and ML solutions, including mobile apps, cloud apps, web apps, augmented reality, virtual reality and more. 


ClosedLoop leverages AI and data science in the healthcare industry, specifically with pharmaceuticals, life sciences, digital health and accountable care organizations (ACO). According to the company’s website, “Healthcare data is notoriously ‘messy,’” according to the company’s website. “ClosedLoop makes it simple to import raw healthcare data sets, such as medical claims, prescriptions, ERM, and custom data, without the need for tedious data normalization and cleansing.” 

  1. CognitiveScale

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, this enterprise AI software company aims to “pair humans and machines to augment human potential,” according to its website. Industries served include health care, banking, insurance and digital commerce. 

  1. Conlan Scientific

As a leader in financial data science, Conlan Scientific offers a number of solutions to both public and private markets. These include pricing optimization, methods to understand and analyze behavioral economics, data science applications in actuarial services and machine learning to help with fraud detection, to name a few. 

  1. CVisionLab

As a provider of research and development services and custom solutions, CVisionLab’s portfolio includes developing parts of video surveillance systems, augmented reality and medical imagery analysis.

  1. DataArt

DataArt is a global software engineering firm that made the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private U.S. companies. Part of their services includes AI and ML tools for portfolio modeling. The company has collaborated on projects with Adobe, IBM, RedHat and many others. 

  1. DataRoot Labs

DataRoot Labs provides custom AI and ML solutions for heath care, HR technology, retail, logistics, renewable energy, virtual assistants, automotive, entertainment and performance marketing. The company also offers data science and AI courses through its educational hub. 

  1. Dataiku

With a tagline of “Everyday AI, Extraordinary People,” Dataiku offers a variety of products and services, including data preparation, visualization, machine learning, DataOps, MLOps and analytic apps. The company targets all types of customers — including those who don’t have technical or coding experience. 

  1. DataVisor

DataVisor offers AI-powered platforms and products to combat all types of fraud. This includes credit card application fraud, transaction fraud, payment fraud, account protection and promotions and policy abuse prevention. 

  1. Deeper Insights

Offering a number of AI solutions, products and services, Deeper Insights boasts a six-step approach to AI development that includes a feasibility study, prototyping, managed services and more. 

  1. hosts an artificial intelligence marketplace, which allows users to purchase and sell tools, models and professional services. Company founder and CEO Daniela Braga is also an author, guest lecturer and member of the Biden administration’s National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force

  1. Diffco

Services include mobile app development, front- and back-end development, computer vision development, AI development and secure architecture development. The company’s solutions include facial recognition, license plate recognition and driver license scanning.

  1. Digica

Based in Poland, Digica uses artificial intelligence, embedded tech and IoT and cloud development solutions to “make a positive change in the world.”

  1. Dogtown Media

This mobile app development company has created more than 200 apps since 2011 by leveraging artificial intelligence with a tagline that promises to “make your mobile app work smarter, not harder.” Their portfolio features a range of large, well-known clients such as Red Bull, Lexus, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Oklahoma and the Minneapolis Heart Institute. 

  1. Dynatrace

With more than 50 locations around the world — including North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific — Dynatrace provides a unified software intelligence platform, innovative solutions, and services and support. Davis, which is Dynatrace’s AI-engine, offers root cause analysis, anomaly detection, business impact analysis and more. The company was named a leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability. Customers include Kroger, Porsche Informatik and Experian. 

  1. FarmWise

FarmWise was founded in 2016 by two friends with a similar vision of sustainability. With a goal of using data and weeding services to streamline operations and increase food production, the company has now expanded to 70+ employees. FarmWise was the recipient of the 2022 SXSW Robotics Innovation Award and was named one of Forbes’ AI 50 Companies to Watch in 2021. 

  1. Fayrix

The team at Fayrix is equipped to handle web and mobile development, business intelligence and data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, UI/UX design and other services. Solutions include sales and demand forecasting, recommender systems, credit scoring and predictive maintenance. The company’s headquarters are located in Israel with 10 research and development centers in Eastern Europe.

  1. wants its clients to “measure what matters” by using organic feedback to reveal insights about the total customer experience.’s solutions include a unified customer feedback hub and automatic routing and predicted escalation.

  1. Freenome 

A biotechnology company located in San Francisco, Freenome uses machine learning, medicine and biology to help detect cancer. In December 2021, it was announced that the company raised $300 million (in addition to millions of dollars previously raised) to expand its blood testing platform with investments from companies like Kaiser Permanente and Alphabet’s GV (formerly Google Ventures). 

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly’s AI-powered app allows users to check for spelling, grammar and punctuation. While there is a free version, the premium and business levels (both of which are paid) offer many additional features, such as tone adjustments, plagiarism detection and an analytics dashboard. 

  1. HatchWorks Technologies

Named one of the Best Places to Work for the second consecutive year by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, HatchWork provides a variety of software development services, including redesign and modernization, cloud managed services and AI and ML solutions. 


The H20 AI Cloud platform “solves complex business problems and accelerates the discovery of new ideas with results you can understand and trust.” The platform is used by more than 20,000 companies and organizations around the world, including PayPal, Capital One and Nationwide.

  1. Icertis

Icertis uses its AI-powered contract management solutions to help keep businesses on track. Customers include those in energy and utilities, financial services, health care, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biotech, professional services, retail, technology and transportation. 

  1. Iflexion

Iflexion offers a variety of products and services, such as AI consulting, application integration, QA and testing, maintenance and support, enterprise software development and prototyping and UXD. 

  1. InData Labs

The company was created in 2014 by video gaming veteran Marat Karpeko and has since expanded to three international offices and more than 80 employees, including data scientists, engineers, architects and designers. Services and products include facial recognition SDK, AI solutions, predictive analytics and natural language processing (NLP) services. 

  1. Instreamatic

Described as a “voice AI platform for dialogue advertising,” Instreamatic is using the power of voice to reach consumers. Brands can advertise through streaming music apps and podcasts, but instead of a one-sided conservation, users can interact with the ad, explains TechCrunch.

  1. Intel 

In addition to providing a variety of well-known products — processors, chipsets, memory, wireless products, etc. — Intel is also making strides when it comes to artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning. Solutions include the Intel oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit and the Intel AI Software Suite. Intel also provides AI-related news, courses, a podcast and an AI For Good webpage that focuses on the positive aspects of this advanced technology. 

  1. Intellias

A software development company that has been recognized by Inc. 5000 Europe, Intellias provides digital consulting, software engineering, advanced technology and solution operations for all types of companies, including Fortune 500 businesses and startups. The company’s blog discusses everything from artificial intelligence in agriculture to the benefits of combining blockchain and AI in a project. 

  1. Intetics

The name of this custom software company is derived from a combination of three words — Internet, technology and ethics. Their services include everything from AL and ML solutions to analyzing and auditing your systems and products using TETRA™ — which they refer to as a “unique set of tools and techniques.” 

  1. itCraft

itCraft is a mobile app and web development company whose website includes everything from a digital startup checklist to a guide on how much it costs to create an app in 2021. Past projects include an app for restaurant owners to help control resources and an online dating app for a particular cultural region of the world. 

  1. ITRex Group

ITRex offers a wide variety of services, including mobile development, technology consulting, AI solutions and much more to companies in retail, e-commerce, health care, biotechnology, education technology, e-learning, logistics and transportation. 

  1. LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor’s AIOps platform includes infrastructure monitoring, log analysis, application performance monitoring, storage and more. The company’s “award-winning, developer-centric application error and performance monitoring product,” Airbrake, was recognized by TrustRadius’ 2022 Summer Best of Awards for three categories — Best Feature Set, Best Relationship and Best Value for Price. 

  1. Lucid Reality Labs

With a mission of creating “immersive solutions with a positive impact,” Lucid Reality Labs provides augmented reality (AV) and virtual reality (VR) simulations, training education and eCommerce. The company has created a holographic stand for exhibitions and a medical VR intubation simulation to demonstrate a new product.


A relatively new company founded in 2017, Luminovo’s LumiQuote software provides electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers the ability to transform the traditional calculation and quoting process. The company’s Stackrate software is designed for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers.

  1. Master of Code Global

With offices in both the United States and Canada, this company specializes in chatbots, mobile development, creating web applications and using artificial intelligence for business process automation. Past projects include creating chatbots for Aveda, an American cosmetics company, and Luxury Escapes, an Australian travel agency.  

  1. Micron Technology

With 17 global locations and more than 40,000 team members, Micron Technology has been around since 1978. The company’s products include computer memory and data storage such as USB flash drives. The company’s blog covers topics ranging from AI in automobiles to the latest intelligence for smartphones. 

  1. Mindy Support

With 2,000 employees and counting, Mindy Support provides data annotation, customer support and back office support for industries ranging from automotive and health care to retail and agriculture. 

  1. Miquido 

A custom software company that has been around for more than a decade, Miquido’s clients include Santander Bank, Hello Fresh and Nestle. The company’s AI services include data science, computer vision, machine learning, and chatbots and voice assistants. Miquido is also a selected Amazon Web Services consulting partner. 


Recognized in a 2021 Gartner report as one of the top 25 examples of network detection and response (NDR) technology, MixMode’s solutions include anomaly detection, security incident and event management, network traffic analytics and forensic investigation. The company also uses artificial intelligence to identify and stop “zero-day attacks” in real time — in other words, “MixMode can provide the IP address of a hacker exploiting a zero-day vulnerability before catastrophic damage is done.”

  1. MobiDev

MobiDev is a software company that was named #1 in the machine learning category of the Top Artificial Intelligence Companies of 2021 by Clutch. MobiDev offers a variety of services, including mobile development, web app development, AI and ML consulting, data science consulting, augmented reality services, IoT development and consulting and UI/UX design. 

  1. ModelOp

At the heart of the company is the ModelOp Center, which the company explains “automates the governance, management and monitoring of deployed AI and ML models across platforms and teams, resulting in reliable, compliant and scalable AI initiatives.” ModelOp Risk Industrialization is a software platform that streamlines, standardizes and automates risk management processes and reporting. 

  1. Moove It

Since 2006, Moove It has been providing digital transformation and product development to many clients, including TabulaRasa, Catapult Health, PrescribeWellness and Shopify. Services include web development, mobile development, platform development, devops and cloud computing and artificial intelligence solutions.

  1. Moveworks

Moveworks is all about leveraging AI to support employees. In their own words: “Moveworks is the first employee experience platform that uses AI to solve issues and prevent problems at work. It automatically resolves requests, communicates changes, and shows your team what to fix next — letting you turn moments of frustration into moments of magic.” For example, the company’s conversational AI platform can help with issues like identifying recurring issues and recovering forgotten passwords.  

  1. Nauto

“What if you could prevent collisions before they occured?” is the question greeting users on Nauto’s website. The company’s AI-powered fleet management software provides predictive collision and driver behavior alerts, claims management and tools to help improve driver safety. Industry partners include BMW, Toyota, GM and the National Fleet Management Association. 

  1. Neoteric

Offering web app development, AI development services and digital product design, Neoteric’s portfolio includes clients ranging from a yoga studio to a European leader in construction material trading. As explained front and center on its website, the company is also 100% remote, which they decided to implement even before COVID-19. 


With a tagline of “Less Driving. More Thriving.,” Nuro creates small, autonomous vehicles that easily navigate through neighborhoods to deliver food and other items to your home. The company’s partners include Domino’s, Kroger, Walmart, Chipotle, CVS Pharmacy and FedEx. 

  1. Nvidia

This multinational technology company “delivers GPU acceleration everywhere you need it,” including data centers, laptops, desktops and supercomputers. Their client list includes many industries, including gaming, restaurants, life sciences and higher education. 

  1. OctoML

A Seattle-based company that deploys machine learning models, OctoML provides solutions for engineers, data scientists and C-suite partners. 

  1. OpenAI

An AI research and development company, OpenAI’s mission is “to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.” In addition to conducting research into safe applications of artificial intelligence, OpenAI offers two natural language processing models, GPT-3 and Codex. Past projects include using neural networks to decipher a Rubik’s cube with a robotic hand. 

  1. OptiSol Business Solutions 

This digital engineering partner’s solutions and services include everything from vision and text analytics to web applications and cloud computing. Clients include DHL, Henkel, US Ecology and L&T Construction.

  1. Osaro 

Osaro provides automation software that allows robots to sort, pick up or bag certain items or goods. The company works with a variety of industries, including grocery stores, cosmetic companies and e-Commerce. 


People’s platform includes revenue operations and intelligence, AI-powered automation, role-based workflows and ensuring regulatory compliance and security. 

Some of the company’s customers include Lyft and Zoom. 

  1. Phrasee

This company is focused on brand language optimization — in other words, using natural language in a particular brand’s voice. They also use deep learning to predict what type of language will be most successful for all types of marketing channels, including email, push text messaging, website and app messaging, SMS messaging, and social media.

  1. Pymetrics 

Pymetrics, which made Forbes’ 2021 list of Best Startup Employers, is all about using AI to effectively find top talent for companies and organizations. Pymetrics has built what they call “an unbiased soft skills platform that leverages objective data for better predictions about fit and potential.” 

  1. Quantum

Quantum’s focus is effectively managing and extracting value from data, offering everything from ransomware recovery to asset management. They also tailor their products and solutions to fit a variety of industries; for example, customers include the Baltimore Ravens, BuzzFeed, Caesars Entertainment, Craftsy, NASA Kennedy Space Center and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Media.

  1. Qulix Systems

A global IT engineering company, Qulix Systems’s services include software development, quality assurance and testing and solutions for research, development and innovation. They serve mainly fintech, banking and insurtech industries but are looking to expand into other business areas. 

  1. Quytech

Quytech is in the business of mobile app development while also providing other services such as AI, enterprise mobility and augmented reality solutions. They serve a wide variety of industries — ranging from health care and fitness to retail and online dating — with names like Deloitte, Honda and ExxonMobile making their client list. 

  1. Riskified

This company’s goal is to make eCommerce “safe, accessible, and frictionless” with their AI-powered fraud management platform. Some of their customers include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Peloton, Prada and Steve Madden. 

  1. Rootstrap

At this company of 300+ employees, you’ll find everything from web and mobile development and product strategy to UI/UX design, staff augmentation, data science solutions, QA testing, technical workshops and machine learning solutions. One of Rootstrap’s projects included building an app for life and business coach Tony Robbins.  


Named by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Machine Learning Startups to Watch in 2020, analyzes customer behaviors to create a better shopping experience and personalized recommendations for fashion and cosmetic e-Commerce businesses. 

  1. Salesforce

Named the #1 CRM provider in 2022 for the ninth consecutive year by International Data Corporation, Salesforce has a growing list of products for all types of companies and organizations, including small businesses and nonprofits. 

  1. SenSat

Sensat’s visualization platform allows companies to view site information for  infrastructural projects in one platform. Sensat also has aerial mapping technology and topographic survey data capabilities. The company’s mission is “to build technology for a more sustainable world.”

  1. Siemens

Siemens — which employs about 303,000 employees and calls itself a “global innovator focusing on digitization, electrician and automation for the process and manufacturing industries” —  offers products and services including cybersecurity solutions, energy transformation and smart infrastructure.

  1. Sift

With a mission statement that aims to “help everyone trust the Internet,” Sift’s Digital Trust & Safety Suite offers tools to combat online fraud and abuse and provide an exceptional customer experience. Companies that have worked with Sift include McDonalds, Fitbit, Doordash, Twitter, Wayfair and many more. 

  1. Socure

Socure uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for identity verification. The company’s list of awards includes the 2021 Forbes Fintech 50 and the 2021 Technology Fast 500 North American from Deloitte. 

  1. Softarex Technologies

Focused on providing “digital transformation for industries,” Softarex Technologies provides everything from full-cycle software engineering to quality assurance, data science engineering and big data analytics. The company’s portfolio includes the development of COVID-19 Navigator, an app that helps users sift through information related to the virus. 

  1. Software Mill

Software Mill’s main services include big data, machine learning, backend development, block chain development and IoT. 

  1. SoundHound

With offices spanning from San Francisco and Toronto to Paris and Beijing, SoundHound creates custom voice assistants for companies using Houndify, an independent voice AI platform. Other products include the company’s SoundHound app, which allows users to quickly identify music. 

  1. STX Next

STX Next has delivered on hundreds of projects and counting since the company’s inception in 2005. Services include Python and JavaScript development, machine learning services, web and mobile app development and more. 

  1. Talentica Software

Talentica Software is a product development company that wants to help startups “turn ideas to products.” Their tech experts will help with everything from AI and machine learning to big data, augmented reality and mobile and wearable technology. 

  1. Tempus

With a focus on “data-driven precision medicine,” Tempus’ solutions include genomic profiling, data collaboration, clinical trial matching, infectious disease research, companion diagnostics and AI-driven algorithms. According to the company’s website, 50%-plus of all academic medical centers across the country are connected to Tempus. 

  1. ThirdEye Data

ThirdEye builds AI applications for companies and organizations across the globe, using expertise in machine learning, chatbots, deep learning, data analytics, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and much more. 

  1. Tooploox

A software development company that believes in business transformation through AI services, Tooploox offers everything from web development and machine learning solutions to blockchain-based solutions and product strategy. 

  1. Toptal 

The company’s name comes from a combination of the words top and talent — “meaning we constantly strive to find and work with the best from around the world.” With Toptal, customers can select the exact team they want for a particular project, choosing from an extensive database of developers, designers, finance experts, project managers and product managers from around the world. The company’s AI development services include ML, NLP, AI design and more. Clients that have used Toptal include Bridgestone, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the University of Southern California. 

  1. UiPath

Branded as the world’s leading robot process automation software company on its website, UiPath offers products and solutions to fit a wide range of industries, departments and technologies. UiPath was recently named a winner of the CRN 2021 Tech Innovator Awards and also ranked in the top 20 on Inc.’s first list of Best-Led Companies

  1. Unicsoft

This technology consulting partner offers solutions and services for both startups and enterprise firms. Past projects include everything from creating a global rice trading platform to building a crowdfunding platform for technology startups

  1. Veritone

Veritone’s aiWARE technology gives customers access to “industry-specific, AI-powered solutions that help you make the best decisions for your business.” The company also features a podcast — Adventures in AI — that discusses everything from technology and transparency in law enforcement to how artificial intelligence is changing the legal industry. 

  1. Vicarious

Robots are the name of the game for Vicarious — specifically “intelligence robots for a golden age.” Used for tasks “too complex for traditional hard-coded automation,” 

Vicarious’ robotic solutions help customers save time and money. In July 2022, Vicarious announced the company was joining the team at Intrinsic, a robotics company at Alphabet. 


The company’s origin story is a compelling one: “ was inspired by a patient who underwent a successful brain surgery and yet died because the surgery came too late.” With a goal of using “artificial intelligence to make healthcare work faster and smarter,” offers platforms, workflows and AI detection to reduce delays when it comes to patient care. 

  1. ​​Whisper

Billed as “smarter than your average hearing aid,” Whisper is a hearing aid with continuous system improvements and a built-in Sound Separation Engine. The product’s Whisper Brain is a “wireless powerhouse that uses AI to deliver on-going improvements and best-in-class sound.”

  1. Xicom Technologies

Xicom Technologies offers everything from web and mobile app development to IT consulting and QA testing. The company’s portfolio includes projects such as Spooner, which is “a visual guide to discover the best dishes and restaurants in your area,” and FitFix, a platform for personal trainers. 

  1. Zegami

With a focus on AI consulting, image annotation and the company’s Machine Learning Suite, Zegami has solutions for companies and organizations in health care, life sciences and AI lifecycle management. 

  1. Zfort Group

Founded in 2000, Zfort Group is an IT services company offering services from mobile app development and IT consulting to Magento development and digital transformation. The company’s AI consulting and integration services include machine learning, deep learning, conversational AI and predictive analytics. 

  1. Zoox

An autonomous vehicle company that partnered with Amazon in 2020, Zoox provides  “mobility-as-a-service in dense urban areas.” They take care of the driving, charging, maintaining and upgrading the vehicles while the rider only needs to pay for the service.

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