Artificial Intelligence Faculty Spotlight: Jules Malin

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Jules Malin

A hallmark of the University of San Diego’s new Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence program are the people who comprise its highly accomplished faculty. We’re pleased to share a series of posts spotlighting members of the MS-AAI faculty team, and we begin with this introduction to Jules Malin.

Academic Degrees Earned

  • M.S., Data Science (formerly Predictive Analytics)- Northwestern University
  • B.A., Organizational Studies- University of California, Davis

Describe what you’re currently doing, including any recent professional accomplishments related to A.I.

Currently I am involved in projects that apply Machine Learning and Deep Learning in a range of domains, including digital marketing, direct to consumer, and product development. Another area of exploration is leveraging computer vision techniques to better understand customer and market segments and to inform and support product development.

Areas of Interest in Artificial Intelligence

I am most interested in applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques in areas related to enhancing digital marketing efforts, understanding and predicting consumer behavior, and improving consumer products.

Why USD?

USD understands the urgent industry need for trained A.I. engineers and the opportunity to support and prepare students for this specialized and in-demand area of expertise.

What advice do you have for students considering USD’s Applied Artificial Intelligence online degree program?

Online learning is the future of learning. It is also how Artificial Intelligence engineers will continue to learn new skills throughout their careers. Online degrees are effective, high quality, and provide students the dynamic flexibility to incorporate learning into their busy schedules.

Inspiring Quote

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.”
— Yann LeCun

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