Advanced Learning Theory and Design

Course Overview

Course Description

This course examines advanced topics in instructional design, including needs assessment, instructional challenges, learner characteristics, task analysis, alignment of learning objectives, content sequencing, instructional strategies, instructional delivery, evaluation instruments, instructional resources, formative and summative assessments, and project management. Students will learn to employ accepted design principles and best practices for planning, designing, developing and evaluating effective learning experiences.


Student Comments

The weekly assignments built on one another, coalescing into an effective practice-run for ID jobs.
-Spring 2022 Student

I thought the selection of required reading was incredibly effective at deepening my expertise in the various aspects of Learning Theory that were introduced in LDT500A.
-Spring 2022 Student

The Design Blueprint assignment gave me the opportunity to work with a real organization on a real problem, which was quite helpful in seeing how these principles apply practically.
-Spring 2022 Student


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