Budget and Finance for Law Enforcement Leaders

Course Overview

Course Description

Would you know how to create and present a budget if asked to do so? Budget and finance is an area in which many new to a command staff position feel they need additional training. And with the increased emphasis on evidence-driven rationales for budgetary decisions, all law enforcement leaders need to have a robust understanding of budgeting, contract negotiation, finance, and staffing/resource allocation. This course will expose students to different types of budget models and how they function in a public safety environment. Key learning concepts include performance-based, line-item and zero-based budget models, along with best practices for finding, writing and securing grants that are often key to organizational goals.

Course Highlights:

  • Using a real budget from a large agency, students will complete a project using actual data, making decisions on how to allocate resources and presenting their rationales.
  • Students will complete a unit on grant writing with an outside expert who has had success securing grant funding for public safety agencies.
Student Comments:

“The LEPS 590 – Budget and Finance for Law Enforcement Leaders course was an eye-opener to the administrative side of law enforcement for me. It allowed me to better understand the decisions made by law enforcement leaders on the basis of budget and finance. I recommend this program to all as it makes you comfortable with what you thought was uncomfortable!”
-Summer ’20 Student

“This is the first time I have attempted any type of budget course. I was walking in with complete hesitation and reservation that this would be utterly difficult. I am excited to say that I have a clearer understanding of the budgetary process and appreciate the pace that this class went for a student who does not like dealing with finances.”
-Spring ’17 Student

“I learned a lot about budgeting and plan to take an active role in my agency”
– Spring ’17 Student       


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