Data Fluency and Analysis for Law Enforcement Leaders

Course Overview

Course Description

In today’s law enforcement and public safety field, leaders need to be able to justify resource allocation decisions, present data-driven initiatives, and demonstrate success and failure with sound data and evidence. This course nurtures a contemporary and critical understanding of the importance of crime data and related evidence to maximizing both ethics and efficacy within agencies. Honing in on intelligence-led, evidence-based, data-driven policing, students will learn how to effectively present accurate, detailed crime data and related evidence for key stakeholders.

Course Highlights:

  • Explore strategies for managing the mountains of data from new law enforcement related technology such as facial recognition, biometrics, BWCs, predictive policing models, etc. and the ethics surrounding these areas.
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and well-intentioned mistakes when displaying data.
  • Identify practical ways to use data in promotional interviews and personnel evaluations.

Examples of Past Student Projects:

  • Vehicle Trespasses: Crime Data & Intelligence-Led Policing Strategies
  • Aggravated Assaults in San Diego 2014-2015: An Intelligence-Led Response
  • Marine Corps Law Enforcement Intelligence Led Policing
  • Intelligence-Led Policing: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the XX Police
  • Department’s Strategic Response to Auto Theft
  • “Focus On Four”: An ILP-Centric Approach for XX County’s Auto Theft Problem

Student Comments:

“One of the most topical and useful courses I have taken. It stimulated discussion among my detectives and supervisors. It also showed me a number of deficiencies with my own agency and gave me direction to fix those deficiencies.”
-Fall ’19 Student

“This course was amazing, and difficult. There was a great deal of information to assimilate and process. The instructor was informative and encouraging. His feedback was helpful and guiding. The material and its presentation had a contagious effect in that it offered students an opportunity to be curious and delve deeper in the subjects presented.”
-Fall ’19 Student

“I found this class very useful. I have already started to use what I have learned in this course to my employer. Thank you!”
-Fall ’19 Student

“This was an exciting course that enriched my perspectives. My agency does not currently use ILP and similar data to their full extent. After this class, I have many creative ideas and potential strategies for my agency to consider.”
-Fall ’19 Student

“As a young police officer with less than 4 years on the job I did not have a lot of experience in the management side of policing. This course was fun, challenging, and eye opening. I believe I will only become a better police officer and future law enforcement leader because of it.”
-Fall ’19 Student

“The material is very relevant to modern day law enforcement challenges, and at my tenure, this will be more prevalent as my career progresses.”
-Fall ’19 Student

“This class provided me with the extra tools necessary to communicate better with the community. I feel more confident engaging in community groups now.”
-Fall ’19 Student

“This course was immensely valuable to my career as a law enforcement leader.”
-Fall ’19 Student

“The topical discussions and methods helped me see deficiencies in my own agency.”
-Fall ’19 Student

“I appreciated the instructor using his experience as a chief of police to show why the course material is relevant and important.”
-Fall ’19 Student


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