Best Practices in Community Engagement

Course Overview

Course Description

This course looks at best practices regarding how individuals in law enforcement engage both broadly with the community and with key stakeholders. This course specifically zeros in on these aspects of communication in the modern climate of increased transparency and collaboration. Building from real case studies, students will complete this course with an understanding of how to appropriately position their agencies in the national dialogue about policing in the contemporary climate, being leaders in a progressing industry, and what it means to be a changemaker in the field of policing.

Course Highlights:

  • The course features a project in which students work from the model of a real, successful agency’s community policing report. Working on the project during each module, the report brings to light both the existing and aspirational programs the students’ agencies are involved in to meaningfully engage the community. Hypothetical reports about agencies can be created if students are not able to write about their own agencies. Past students have been able to hand their projects to their superiors and use them in their agencies.

Student Comments

“The course project was incredibly valuable to me. I always yearned to know more about the 6 pillars in the Final Report on 21st Century Policing. A course like this was perfect to really dive into such a deep document and apply it to our own agencies.”
-Fall ’22 Student

“This entire course had practical value. The six pillars this course covers is one of the biggest set of standards police organizations are currently being graded against. In addition, I cannot say enough good things about my professor, and the time he took to provide additional guidance/encouragement throughout this course.”
-Fall ’22 Student

“Knowing this program is very contemporary, I want to share how well this course was designed. The course allowed us to use our own police department and highlight the good work and future goals related to 21st Century Policing Pillars. Having Arlington PD’s annual report to review was a great help as well. This has been my favorite course within the program.”
-Summer ’19 Student

“I found this course to be very beneficial. It requires us to think about multiple challenges and topics which should be considered when building strong community relationships. This entire program has been great.”
-Summer ’19 Student

“This course dramatically expanded my appreciation and knowledge of many aspects of community engagement.”
-Summer ’19 Student


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